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The Window

20 Minute Story


Every night Jane would hear a rustling by her window. Her parents would push back the white lace curtains, every night, and show her that outside of her window was nothing but a branch from a tree that would scratch the window from the wind.

“We’ll cut the branch this weekend,” Jane’s dad said trying to console his 7-year-old daughter.

But, it never failed. The rustling continued throughout the months and Jane became even wearier of going to bed at night.
Jane’s mom surprised her one afternoon after a long day at school.
“Jane, there’s a special gift under your pillow. I found it while making your bed this morning. You should go see what it is!”

Jane dropped her lunchbox, her water bottle, and her backpack and bolted down the hallway to her room. She threw off her pillow and found a long, rectangular box wrapped in pink and purple flower paper, and a red string tied across the box.
“To: Jane, The Monster Warrior”

Jane pondered, “Monster Warrior?”

She untied the string and ripped open the paper to find a bright pink sword lying nicely on top of red tissue.

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