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To: The Man

An Homage


What happens when you hear of a loss of life and that loss is someone you've never met? Do you feel the same hurt? Do you feel the same agonizing pain as you would of a closed loved one?


When it comes to a man who touched so many lives without phsyically meeting them, Robin Williams drew a connection created through performance that spawned fascination. I am one of those people.


Robin Williams was like Peter Pan. He snuck into rooms and observed. Through the observations he turned into a comedian and made everyone laugh for hours.


I've never met Robin Williams. I've always thought I would one day and now it will have to be in the after life because I refuse for that journey to be a somber one.


Mr. Williams had a talent. He was an artist at performance and a way with words that would make Hemingway roll in his grave and ask for another drink. The way twisted letters and formed them into words that were written for his tone and structure, would strike such a cord with us, as viewers and listeners, that you would never think he was a stranger.

A great and all powerful Genie has passed. He has slipped away into the abyss and I have been pleasantly in shock that the articles I have read right down to the comments, are positive. There is only a touch on his rehab and depression and "dark side". He had a panache about him. The people who had the pleasure of encountering him have nothing but nice words to say about his character.

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