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I get lost in the “what if’s.” I love watching a movie in the afternoon for inspiration. I am a YouTube searcher. I live in my Chuck’s and floppy’s. I dig tattoo’s. Creativity is when you see what happens. Stick and stones may not break bones, but words could crush a soul. A smile affects the memory. Creativity is the most important epidemic to spread. I believe I can fly. I have an opinion. Take the road less traveled. I love my coffee as much as my kids. I believe in the subconscious. Dr. Seuss is my hero. The creation of the Mad Hatter was genius. Let loose and let go. Writing it down makes it real. I enjoy the failure because it’s just a hiccup before something fantastic happens. Reality could destroy your conscious. Stay stupid and stay fantastical. I talk to myself because sometimes the best thoughts come from speaking outloud. Anything can come to life with the right words. Storytelling is not just for children. Unicorns and elves can exist in any reality. One cannot simply be a writer; you need to be the words that you write down. I do believe a great headline can come from anywhere; even a two year old. People will read what interests them, so write something interesting. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to influence a change. I believe Steve Jobs was more than a man. Writers are their own enemy. I want to make the consumer feel what I feel, hear what I hear, and see what I see. 


A Copywriter is more than a writer of advertisements. They tell the story of the brand. They bring the reader into the product. They create a feeling consumed by the product. They become the connection of things. They help revolutionize the industry and work with a team to challenge the thoughts of the masses. 


I want to be a part of this new creative revolution as the 

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