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Hey, dude!

no, not like the horse

Mantra: If you don't like what you're doing, move. You're not a tree.
Obsessions: Stellar grammar, sense of humor, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, and my kids.
What's not on my resume: My Swedish dual citizenship, my backbone, high end corporate jobs, a bartender, a competitive soccer coach, an athletic trainer, a sports masseuse, scuba diver, sandwich maker, saleswoman, a personal assistant, and warehouse worker.
Travel? Why yes I do. I come from an eclectic family whose personalities will inspire future comedic films. 
Free time: I'll do close to anything that will give me an adrenaline rush. It fuels my love to absolutely live life and pursue creativity on an entirely new level. Just empty your head and jump!
Things that make me smile: Free furniture on the side of the road, the smell of libraries, fart jokes from little girls, and my family. Very few things catch me off guard which allows me to help you.

I mom hard: I can work with any budget, see things from many perspectives, speak in many different tones, translate close to any word form, put out pretty much any fire, and negotiate with almost anyone. I'm also pretty good at winning the "why" game and getting scrappy.
What else? I backpacked Europe with absolutely no plan for three months. Everything from tea parties, to an unplanned day trip, to running around at Disneyland all slow me down so I can Carpe that Diem.

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